Issues in 2015
April 2015


April 2015

The Genealogy and Research Themes of Critical Curriculum Theory

YANG Mingquan

The Research of Curriculum History: History View,Topic and Puzzle

WANG Hongxi

Contents Analysis of International Scientific Concepts Learning Research in Recent Twenty Years

LU Shanshan & BI Hualin

On Schwab’s Idea of Teaching and Learning Science Based on Inquiry

WEI Dongyu

How Do We Do the Narrative Inquiry in Educational Area?-- From Western Scholars Perspective
SUN Caixia & JIN Yule

The Production of Standardized Childhood in the School Education

WANG Youyuan & LI Yan

The Study of the Relativity between Higher Education Entrance Chance Acquirement and Family’s Capital:Based on CFPS Data Binary Logistic Regression Analysis

LI Dexian & LU Haixia

An Empirical Study of Facultys Participation in Academic Administration
LI Linlin, LAI Manhong & DU Ping

The Changes of UniversitiesRoles in UKs National Innovation System
JIANG Yazhou

Analysis on Characteristics and Its Policy Implication of the Teacher Education Development since 1949
YU JIayi & XUN Yuan

Empirical Study on Teachers Sense of Well-being
HU Zhongying

The Comparison on Compiling of Content in High School Statistics and Probability Textbooks:Text Analysis on High Schools’ Mathematics Textbooks in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia
ZHANG Weizhong & YUE Zengcheng

Study on the Grade Difference of Scientific Literacy of Middle School Students
WANG Jingying,LUO Yue & GAO Jinying

A Research on Teaching Norms of English Teachers: Perspectives from European and American Standards for Pre-service Language Teachers
GUO Baoxian

The Micro Video Research Based on Cooperation Learning:The Ninth National Seminar on Theory and Practice of Effective Teaching
WANG Maohua,CHEN Caihong,ZHANG He,ZHAO Qin & WANG Xiaohui