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December 2015


December 2015

Why Narrative Study in Curriculum: Based on Three Histories of Curriculum Academics

WANG Wenzhi

Reflection on the Generalization of the Concept of Curriculum


On the Practice Attribute of Learning and Practical Teaching

WU Yuanyue

Let Inquiry Become Children LifestyleThe Value, Type, Method and Path of Children Web-based Inquiry

LI Baomin & HUANG Qingling

The Exterior Appearance and Structure of Schoolbags and the Power of Educational Disciplines

CHEN Guangchun & XIONG Heping

The Reflection and Advance of Reducing Primary and Secondary School Academic Burden in China

HU Huimin & YIN Yuxin

The Development of a Psychological Burden Questionnaire on Student Homework

ZHENG Donghui & YE Shengnan

The Policy Governance Mechanism of Academic Burden

ZHANG Mingkai & LUO Shengquan

Subject Education

Overview and Implications of American Scientific Modeling Research in Recent 30-year

ZHAI Xiaoming & GUO Yuying

Trend of International Studies on Mathematics Education during the Last Decade

KONG QipingXU ZiqiangCHEN Zhihui & PENG Moyuan

The Effects of School Homework and out of School Math Tutoring on Math Anxiety: A Comparison between Shanghai (China) and Finland

HUANG Xiaorui & ZHAN Shengli

The Evaluation of the Testing Value of Modern Text in Chinese College Entrance Examination in the Past Few Years from the Perspective of the Type of Writing

ZHENG Guihua