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ICI Academic║ The Two Decades of Curriculum Reform: The Development of School⁃Based Instructional Research in China


Editor’s Note

Guidelines of Curriculum Reform for Basic Education (Trial) issued in 2001 marks the beginning of curriculum reform of Chinese basic education in the 21st century. To commemorate this important historical event, Global Education established a special column entitled “The Two Decades of Curriculum Reform”. In order to better meet the strategic needs of our nation, and provide better educational impetus for realizing national rejuvenation and promoting the development of each student, experts comprehensively sorted out and explored the theoretical progress, practical experience and future challenges of China’s basic education curriculum reform in the past two decades. They also conducted discussion on the topics of curriculum policy, curriculum standards, curriculum theory, teaching material research, teaching design, school-based research, school-based curriculum development, comprehensive practical activity curriculum, cases of school curriculum development, etc.

The Development of School⁃Based Instructional Research in China

Prof. Liu Lianghua

The Institute of Curriculum and Instruction, ECNU

Xie Yating

Doctoral Student of ICI

Abstract: The development of school⁃based instructional research in China is mainly motivated by the demand for the improvement of the teaching research institution of primary and middle school and New Curriculum reform in China, although it is influenced by School⁃based Movement prevailing in Europe and America. The conference of establishment of school⁃based instructional research system held in Kunshan in 2002 clarified three basic elements of school⁃based instructional research: self-reflecting, peer coaching, and professional leading. There are three events in the evolution of school⁃based instructional research in China: Kunshan Conference held in 2002, the teacher training program of school⁃based instructional research system held in Beijing in 2003, and the project of the school⁃based instructional research base started in 2004. School⁃based instructional research has become a popular agenda in China’s educational research field since 2003. A variety of activity patterns in school⁃based instructional research have been developed across the country, with lesson study gradually becoming the basic pattern widely accepted in this area.

Keywords: school⁃based instructional research; self⁃reflection; peer coaching; professional leading; lesson study