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ICI Academic║The Two Decades of Curriculum Reform: 20 Years of School-Based Curriculum Development in China


Editor’s Note

Guidelines of Curriculum Reform for Basic Education (Trial) issued in 2001 marks the beginning of curriculum reform of Chinese basic education in the 21st century. To commemorate this important historical event, Global Educationestablished a special column entitled “The Two Decades of Curriculum Reform”. In order to better meet the strategic needs of our nation, and provide better educational impetus for realizing national rejuvenation and promoting the development of each student, experts comprehensively sorted out and explored the theoretical progress, practical experience and future challenges of China’s basic education curriculum reform in the past two decades. They also conducted discussion on the topics of curriculum policy, curriculum standards, curriculum theory, teaching material research, teaching design, school-based research, school-based curriculum development, comprehensive practical activity curriculum, cases of school curriculum development, etc.

20 Years of School-Based Curriculum Development in China

Prof. Wu Gangping

The Institute of Curriculum and Instruction, ECNU

Abstract: The establishment of the three-level curriculum management policy in China started the school-based curriculum development for 20 years. During these years, earlier academic concerns, especially the school-based innovation thoughts of scholar groups in East China Normal University and their series of achievements on school-based development, including monographs, consulting reports, practical case study series, teaching achievement awards and professional support plats, and other researchers’ theoretical construction and practical reflection, are all theoretical initials and practical wisdom that call for serious reflection.

Keywords: school-based curriculum; scholar group; creative achievement; professional platform