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ICI Academic║ESI Highly Cited Paper by Professor Lei Hao's team


ICI professors Lei Hao, Cui Yunhuo and Zhou Wenye published a paper entitled "Relationships between Student Engagement and Academic Achievement: A Meta-Analysis" in the SSCI journal Social Behavior & Personality: an international journal in March 2018. According to Essential Science Indicators (ESI) data, as of May to June 2022, the paper has been cited 144 times. The number of citations has entered the top 1% in this academic field and is selected as Highly Cited Paper.

Lei Hao

ICI Deputy Director

Cui Yunhuo

ICI Director

Zhou Wenye

ICI Deputy Director

ESI is the abbreviation of Essential Science Indicators SM.Base on citation frequency of more than 10 million documents from over 11,000 global academic journals on Web of Science (SCIE/SSCI), ESI measures the research performance and identifies the world top 1% research papers which also called highly cited papers that reflect the scientific level of the world today.

Highly Cited Papers and Hot papers are collectively referred to as Top papers or High Impact Journal. ESI is an important indicator used to evaluate the international academic level and influence of academic institutions, universities and scholars in the present world. ESI highly cited papers are not only the leaders of academic research in various disciplines in the international academic community but also the key indicators for the ranking of schools and disciplines used by relevant institutions at home and abroad.

Brief Introduction

This paper mainly explores the impact of student engagement on academic performance. For a long time, researchers have maintained a strong interest in student engagement and its function. Academic achievements are the important results of students’ inputs, and researchers have done a lot of empirical research on their relationships. However, the research conclusions to date barely reached agreement. Therefore, the research utilizes meta-analysis method to examine the relationship between students’ inputs and academic achievements and reveal the impact of students’ investment on students' academic achievement and its moderating mechanism. This achievement has been widely recognized by peers, and was recently selected as the world's most highly cited papers.

Cited from HAO LE, YUNHUO CUI, WENYE ZHOU. Relationships between Student Engagement and Academic Achievement: A Meta-Analysis. Social Behavior & Personality: an international journal. 2018;46(3):517-528. doi:10.2224/sbp.7054