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ICI Policy Advisory ║ Two newly published books for interpreting new curriculum plans and standards


After the release of the new curriculum plans and curriculum standards, ICI team gave full play to their professional advantages and carried out a series of fruitful studies to, contribute wisdom and strength to the top-level design of the new curriculum plan and curriculum standards for compulsory education in China, demonstrating the responsibility of think tanks.

Recently, two books edited by the expert team of ICI - Interpretation of the Compulsory Education Curriculum Plans (2022 Edition) and New Plans • New Curriculum Standards • New Journey : Compulsory Education Curriculum Plans and Curriculum Standards (2022 Edition) Study- were officially published, which helped the top-level design of the national curriculum reform and promoted the development of the new curriculum.

Interpretation of the Compulsory Education Curriculum Plans (2022 Edition)

The book was organized by Institute of Curriculum and Textbook Research, Ministry of Education, compiled by the expert team of Compulsory Education Curriculum Plan Revision, and published by Beijing Normal University Press. Cui Yunhuo, Wang Tao, and Lei Hao served as editors.

The first part of the book is the foundation and overview of the revision of the compulsory education curriculum plan, which comprehensively expound the new requirements of the national education policies, the emerging needs of educational development, and the novel challenges of the development of the era, and explain the necessity of revising the compulsory education curriculum plan.

The second part is a detailed interpretation and analysis of the key contents of the newly revised compulsory education curriculum plans, such as training objectives, basic principles, curriculum settings, teaching time, and K-6 issues.

Finally, there is an in-depth analysis of the new requirements and regulations in curriculum standards, teaching materials and curriculum implementation, involving 10 topics such as school curriculum planning, subject practice, comprehensive learning, and examination evaluation.

This book provides an important tool for teachers, principals, and teaching and research staff to better understand the new compulsory education curriculum and a clear handbook for teachers on how to carry out literacy-oriented teaching.

New Plans • New Curriculum Standards • New Journey

The book was published by East China Normal University Press and edited by Wu Gangping, An Guiqing, and Zhou Wenye, joined with 16 experts in course standard revision experts.

This book mainly explains the epochal features and education values of new curriculum plan and standards, the "three haves" training goals and core competencies, the comprehensiveness and practicality of the curriculum, the structure of the curriculum content, the learning-centered teaching method, and the interdisciplinary theme learning activities, literacy-oriented performance evaluation,studies of 14 course standards, major concepts or major themes, major tasks, major unit design, project-based, theme-based, task-based learning, subject practice, and comprehensive learning, learning by doing, learning by using, learning by creating and other new concepts and new ideas of curriculum and teaching reform to provide professional support for educators and education researchers.