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ICI Breaking-Through Series-Five║Professor An Guiqing tell China's Policies and Practices of Interdisciplinary Curriculum


On October 17-18, OECD Center for Education Research and Innovation (CERI) and Global Institute of Creative Thinking jointly held a 2022 Creativity Education Summit, themed "Creativity Cultivation in Schools - From International Policy to Regional Practice, From Independent Disciplines to Interdisciplinary Teaching" .

Professor An Guiqing from ICI, as the representative of the Chinese side, delivered a report called “Cultivating Innovative Competence across Interdisciplinary Curriculum: China’s Policy and Practice”, sharing the theoretical thinking and practical cases of creativity cultivation in Chinese primary and secondary schools.

The summit focused on the two core propositions of "cultivating confident and high-ability teachers in the field of creativity" and "sharing the pedagogical practice of cultivating interdisciplinary creative thinking", and invited outstanding representative schools from the United Kingdom, China, Australia, Brazil, and the United States for case sharing and workshops.

The summit was chaired by Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin, Deputy Director of the OECD CERI, and Professor Bill Lucas, Co-Chairman of the OECD PISA Creativity Thinking Assessment Committee and Chairman of the Global Institute of Creative Thinking. Speakers and forum guests included Andreas Schleicher, Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills, Special Adviser on Education Policy to the Secretary-General, Tia Loukkola, Director of the OECD CERI, James O Bridge, Chair of the UK National Commission for UNESCO, Sarah Chidgey, Director of International Education from Department for International Trade, UK , Rachel Sylvester, Chairman of the Times Education Committee, Pam Burnard, Professor of Arts, Creativity and Education at the University of Cambridge, and Michael Anderson, Professor of Creativity and Arts Education at the University of Sydney.

China’s case shared by Professor An Guiqing at the meeting was highly recognized by the participating experts and scholars, which greatly expanded the international influence of China's curriculum reform research and practices.

Professor An Guiqing's English Report Abstract