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ICI Honour║Cui Yuanhuo Team "Curriculum Research for fostering virtue" won the title of Shanghai Model Worker Innovative Studio


On June 29, Wang Ping, Executive Vice Chairman of the University Labor Union, attended the unveiling ceremony of Shanghai Model Worker Innovation Studio and unveiled the plague with Professor Cui Yunhuo. An Guiqing, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Department of Curriculum, Zhou Wenye, Director of the Department of Curriculum, Lei Hao, Deputy Director of the ICI, Wang Tao, Assistant to the Director and other teachers attended the event.

Cui Yunhuo Model Worker Innovation Studio has a total of 23 team members. It undertakes the task of revising the national high school curriculum plan and the compulsory education curriculum program, and presides over the major research projects of the Ministry of Education, such as "Quality Monitoring of the Implementation Process of Primary and Secondary School Curriculum", a major research project in philosophy and social sciences of the Ministry of Education; In 2022, it was awarded 4 special "intelligent education" projects of the Shanghai Summit Plan; The team participated in the preparation of the Shanghai High School Curriculum Implementation Guidelines, Shanghai Compulsory Education Curriculum Implementation Plan, as well as the compilation of the "Shanghai Primary and Secondary School Interdisciplinary Learning Guide" (draft for comments), and the writing of the "Innovative Curriculum Development: Shanghai Experience" research report (Chinese and English), etc., making outstanding contributions to China's basic education curriculum reform and teacher education curriculum reform in the 21st century, and is known as the "national team" in the field of curriculum and teaching research.

Since its establishment, it has formed a dynamic, united and innovative team under the leadership and administration of the Faculty of Education and the superior party committee. The studio is committed to promoting innovative development of the education system, mainly in three areas:

  • Focus on the transformation of the curriculum plan in the compulsory education stage in Shanghai, plan how to carry out the "first implementation and first trial" and "urban positioning of serving for the five major centers" for the curriculum reform in the compulsory education stage in Shanghai, and provide a decision-making basis for the Municipal Education Commission;

  • Serve the promotion of curriculum reform in Yangpu District, Hongkou District and other regions, summarize the experience of extended courses and research-oriented courses during the second phase of curriculum reform in Shanghai, and combine the latest progress of interdisciplinary learning in the world to compile the "Interdisciplinary Learning Guide for Primary and Secondary Schools in Shanghai" to provide professional strength for Shanghai basic education to cultivate innovative talents;

  • Jointly develop innovative courses with Chinese characteristics and Shanghai characteristics, create the "Shanghai experience" of innovative curriculum development, and use the cooperation platform of the Institute of Curriculum and Teaching in UNESCO and OECD to tell the story of Shanghai and disseminate Shanghai experience.