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ICI Honour║ICI team won 3 awards of national teaching achievement: 1 first prize, 2 second prize.


Recently, the quadrennial National Teaching Achievement Award - the 2022 National Teaching Achievement Award project list was officially announced. ICI team once again won 1 first prize and 2 second prizes of the 2022 National Teaching Achievement Award for Basic Education after it got first prize in 2018.

At the same time, the three cooperation projects involving school-based curriculum and plans for learning experiences directed by the East China Normal University ICI team won the second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award for Basic Education.

These are important achievement of ICI team for national and local curriculum reform, with solid ground on fundamental education.

Winning team members

1st row (left to right): An Guiqing; Cui Yunhuo; Hu Huimin

2nd row (left to right): Wu Gangping; Xiao Sihan; Yang Xiaozhe

First Prize: Foster Subject Core Literacy: Investigation of Unit Plan for Learning Experiences and teaching

Subject core literacy is the highlight of senior high school curriculum standards and an important symbol of subject education for"establishing morals and cultivating people". However, it is also a blockage point in the implementation of the new curriculum and a difficulty for the 2 million in-service teachers. This achievement grasps the key link of the promotion of the new curriculum, takes the reform of the teaching plan as the starting point, focuses on the overall teaching of the unit, and creates a set of successful practices to implement the core literacy.

The achievement is based on a profound theoretical foundation, rooted in classroom practice, and lasted for 10 years, including:

  • literacy-oriented, learning-centered, and unit-integrated concepts with curriculum insights;
  • Create a new student aid plan - "unit education plan", including six elements of unit name and class hours, objectives, evaluation tasks, learning process, homework and testing, and post-study reflection, reflecting the consistency of "teaching-learning-evaluation" ;
  • Construct the teaching practice mode of "unit plan for learning experiences" of "planning-design-implementation-evaluation" to provide a demonstration for large-scale and high-quality implementation of national curriculum;
  • Developed five types of courses under the overall teaching of the unit to realize classroom transformation.

This achievement has improved the core literacy of students, affecting nearly 1,000 schools in 19 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Primary and secondary schools in Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou each have one district to promote the use of academic record teaching; it won the "2021 Provincial Teaching Achievement Special Award" " (15 in total); It has been reported by CCTV, China Education News, "People's Education", etc.; two related monographs have been published; and it was introduced as typical experience for multiple times at the "Double New" Training Conference for National General High Schools organized by the Ministry of Education , and has become a new form of quality-oriented teaching.

Second Prize: Exploration on school-based practice of literacy-oriented interdisciplinary curriculum

Developing interdisciplinary courses aimed at cultivating students' comprehensive quality has become a strategic choice for countries to enhance their talent competitiveness. Aiming at the misunderstandings and practical difficulties of the school's interdisciplinary curriculum, the project team went through three stages of exploration: theoretical exploration and verification, model construction and practice, and technology application and promotion. On this basis, the three-level model of interdisciplinary curriculum practice and its supporting system are systematically constructed, which provides important guidance for schools to implement the national curriculum plan and develop interdisciplinary curriculum, and has a great impact on the revision of the national compulsory education curriculum plan and the formulation of local curriculum policies.

Second Prize: Construction and Implementation of Information Technology Innovation Courses in Primary and Secondary Schools

China's basic education informatization has experienced the deep integration of the "three links and two platforms" period, the innovative development of the education informatization 2.0 period, and the current development stage of digital education transformation. Tianjin's basic education informatization has gone through six stages: building a public service platform, integrating high-quality educational resources, expanding online learning space, promoting online and offline integration, building digital literacy courses, and carrying out smart education demonstrations. The development of basic education informatization in Tianjin adopts informatization to promote "personalized learning and quality balance", through five driving strategies of "development-driven, application-driven, problem-driven, standard-driven, environment-driven", focusing on developing the core literacy of students. Regarding the hot and difficult issues in the development of basic education, it deepens the comprehensive reform of education and teaching, implements the fundamental task of cultivating people, and continuously promotes the in-depth application and integration of information technology to serve the high-quality development of basic education.