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Liu Lianghua

Liu Lianghua

Liu Lianghua

Professor of Institute of Curriculum and Instruction

East China Normal University, Shanghai, 200062

E-mail: liulianghua@kcx.ecnu.edu.cn


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Liu Lianghua , PhD in Padogogy. professor of Institute of Curriculum and Instruction of East China Normal University, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Education. The main research work in recent years is effective teaching, school-based action research and teacher professional development. The publications are school-based action research, Effective Teaching, Educational Research Method, Western Philosophy,et al.  More than 50 CSSCI papers, published.

Research Interests

1.       Curriculum Philosophy

2.       Educational  Research Methodology

3.       School-based Action Research

4.       Educational Narrative Research

Selected Publications


1.       Liu, L. (2015). Western Philosophy. Shanghai: East China Normal University Press.

2.       Liu, L. (2014). Educational  Research Method. Shanghai: East China Normal University Press.

3.       Liu, L. (2011). Narrative Padogogy. Shanghai: East China Normal University Press.

4.       Liu, L. (2003). School-based Teaching Research. Chengdu: Sichuan Educational Publishing House.

5.       Liu, L. (2002). School-based Action Research. Chengdu: Sichuan Educational Publishing House.



1.       Liu, L. (Trans.). (2004). [Teachers as Curriculum Planners.] (F. M. Connelly & D. J. Clandinin, 1988). Hangzhou: Zhejiang Educational Publishing House.


Selected Articles

1.   Liu, L.(2017). The Perspectives of Moral Education Reform Global Education, 9.

2.   Liu, L.(2012). The difference between Plato and Aristotle's Educational philosophy. Educational Research. 12.

3.   Liu, L.(2012). The Ideal of  Educational phenominology. Educational Research. 5.

4.   Liu, L. (2007).Educational Narrative Research. Educational Research. 7.

5.   Liu, L. (2001).Education, Language and Life. Journal of East China Normal University (Education Sciences). 1. 


Research Projects

1.   Presided over Narrative action research and teacher educaiton curriculum reform, major project of humanities and social science research base of Ministry of Education. Funds: 200,000yuan.


1.       Curriculum Philosophy

2.       Educational  Research Methodology

3.       School-based Action Research

4.       Educational Narrative Research