Issues in 2015
March 2015


March 2015

Interview and Conversation

Research on Teachers’ Practical Knowledge in the Netherlands:Dialogue with Paulien C. Meijer

WEI Ge & CHEN Xiangming

Curriculum and Instruction

Based on the Results of Their Aptitude and Its Implementations.......LUO Zubing & CHENG Long

A Problem Solving of Unreasonable Teaching

LUO Guozhong

Problems and Countermeasures of Achieving the Scientific Literacy Goal in Curriculum Reform of Chinese Basic Education

ZHU Yujun

Child Research

A Review of Child-study Movement in Republican Period of China

GAO Zhenyu

The Development and Enlightment of Philosophy for Children Curriculum in Australia

YU Baohua & LIU Jing

Educational Policy and Management

Performance and Accountability: Trends of the Vocational Education Governance in the United States

FAN Guorui & SUN Cuixiang

The Essence of American Education and Chinese Education System Reform

RONG Weidong

Teacher Education

Pre-service Science Teachers Ought of Performance Assessment StudyAs Chemical Experiment Teaching Theory

YANG Chengyin,DONG Laling & YANG Fan

Historical Perspectives of Western Teacher Research Movement


Subject Education

The Modern Development of Science Textbooks of China: the Period of Translated Western Books

CAI Tiequan

A Exploration of IT-Based Chinese Curriculum in Primary School:Focus on Curriculum Pattern to Solve Wrongly Character Problem


Chinese Traditional Culture in Primary and Middle School Art Textbooks

QIAN Chuxi