Issues in 2015
May 2015


May 2015

An Original Thought on the Reform of Teaching
YU Wensen

Study on Cultural Practice of Teaching:Moving towards New Teaching Understanding
CHENG Lianghong

Transcending Dualism between the Logic of Subject and Psychology of Teaching Material:Based on the Concept Analysis of Dewey’s Psychologized Subject Matter Theory
QI Tao

Toward a Construct-driven Approach to Authentic Assessment
YANG Xiangdong

Student Engagement Survey: A New Perspective of Higher Education Evaluation in America

WANG Yashuang & WANG Xia

Contextual Effects in the Educational Evaluation
The Case Study on the Evaluation of the High School English Curriculum

What is “Civic Consciousness” ?——Accurate Interpretation of China’s official Understanding of “Citizenship”

TAN Chuanbao

On the Trap of Isomorphism in the Development of Moral Educational Theories: A Synchronical Comparison
DING Daoyong

The Main Dimensions and Realistic Trends of Teacher Capacity Research in USA ..LONG Baoxin

A Restricted View on Japan's Regional Education Development Model-Taking Community Schools as an Example
YAO Shun & ZHANG Dewei

Analyzing International Physics Education Research Hotspots in Recent 10 Years and Its Enlightenments

ZHAI Xiaoming & GUO Yuying

Comparative Study on the Content of Important Ideas in Mechanics

Enjoy the Beautiful Sight of the Educational InnovationRecommendation on the BookFINNISH LESSONS:What can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland
ZHANG Letian