Issues in 2015
June 2015


June 2015

The Explanation on Event Oriented Teaching Ontology
YANG Xiaoqi

The Role of Implicit Learning in Language Acquisition
JIANG Shan,MA Fan & YANG Jing

Reflection of Four Kinds of Reflective Opinions on Pedagogic Courses and Teaching:Including the Discussion on Dimensions and Methods of Pedagogic Teaching
GU Yunhu

The Educational Narrative in the Folk Tale the Three Little Pigs During One Hundred Years
’ Changes

DU Chuankun

Possess Dignity: The Realistic Significance of Students’ Happiness

The Discussion on Video Cases Based on Teacher Professional Standard
:Taking Example for English Video Cases

ZHANG Weiping & ZHAO Qian

The Present Situation and Improving Measures of ICT Applied and Guiding Ability on Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Japan
WANG Guohui & ZHU Ningbo

Exploration and Practice Thinking on Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Model in USA
CUI Wenxia

Comparative Study on Competence Models of Community Educators from Chinese Mainland and Europe Union

The Analysis on Vocational Education Ontology:Philosophical Argument for the Existence of "Legitimacy" of the Vocational Education
XU Hongwei & PANG Xueguang

The Modern Development of Science Textbooks of China:The Independent Compiled Period
CAI Tiequan

Adopting Flipped Classroom Model in Level-based College English Teaching
LI Yanping

The Construction of Key Education Research Institutes in Universities Based on Innovation-Driven Policy: the Present Situation and the Vision:Review on The Roundtable of Education Committee Members of Social Science Research Committee of the Ministry of Education and Directors of Key Education Research Institutes in Universities
LI Qian & ZHAO Zhongjian