Issues in 2015
July 2015


July 2015

The Balanced Development of Elementary Education of Shanghai: From Optimizing the Allocation of Resources to Focusing on the Connotation of Education:Interview with Professor Yin Houqing
CHEN Qunbo & HU Huimin

A research on Seven Liberal Arts: The Resources and Development of the Classical Curriculum in Europe
YANG Mingquan

SDP Curriculum and Subject Research Style of Learning: Relationships, Requirements and Strategies
CAI Baolai & ZHANG Shiya

Excessive Dominance of Tacit Knowledge and Its Salvation

Early Childhood Learning and Development Goals and Child Assessment:Value Reflected in the Paradigm Shift

Secret and the Construction of Children’s Independent Ego:Theory of Children’s Secret in Education and Its Countermeasure

The Function of Belief in a Just World and Its Significance in the Education of Adolescents
WANG Guofang & MENG Xiangfeng

Problems and Way out in Educational Research on Leadership of College Students of our Country
LI Xiujuan

Let Teachers Become Discoverer and Constructor of Educational Knowledge:Evidence from Shanghai
ZHANG MinxuanXIA Huixian & KONG Lingshuai

Research on School Internal Mechanism to Supporting Teacher Research: A Deep Case Study of

a Primary School
WANG Lihua,LU Hong,SHEN Li & XU Ping

Teacher Evaluation from Teachers’ Perceptions: A Neglected Research Field
MAO Lidan

Education for Poor Children in Mexico and Its Countermeasures:The Perspective on the Millennium Development Goals

Research on Reading Strategy Instruction and Its Implications
YUAN Lu, CHEN Qishan & XU Yue