Issues in 2015
August 2015


August 2015

Trends and Challenges of Qualitative Studies in Education in the Past 20 Years and Its Localization in China
LI Ling, HAN Yumei & YANG Shunguang

The Development of Curriculum Standards Based on Key Competencies:International Experience and Enlightenment
SHAO Chaoyou, ZHOU Wenye & CUI Yunhuo

Students’ Acadmic Psychological Burden:A Perspective from Phenomenology
HUANG Xioaorui & ZHANG Hui

The Dilemma of Bringing Comprehensive Quality into College Entrance Examination System and Its Solution
Luo Zubing

Study on the American Research Universities
'Approaches in The National Innovational and Entrepreneurial EcosystemAn Analysis Base on the Report of U.S. Department of Commerce
ZHAO Zhongjian & ZHUO Zelin

A Review on the UK’s Vision for Science and Mathematics Education

ZHAI Junqing,KAN Yue & YANG Di

Knowledge Quartet: A Framework for Analysing Teachers
Knowledge in Teaching
LU Xiaoli & LEUNG Frederick Koon-Shing

Investigation and Analysis on TPCK in the Core of Pre-service teachers’ TPACK:In the Pre-service Chemistry Teachers as an Example

WEI Zhuangwei & ZHOU Qing

Teachers’ Moral Dilemmas and Moral Choices

WANG Fuyan

The Cause and the Countermeasures of the Imbalance of the Proportion of Male Teachers and Female Teachers in Preschool Education:Based on the Criticism and Reflection on the Dualism of Body and Mind

ZHANG Jingjing

A Review of the Development Models of Learning Progressions in Science Education:A ChemQuery Assessment System Perspective

SUN Ying & BI Hualin

Approaches and Reflections on Constructing the Foreign Language Ability Assessment System in China
LV Shenglu

Analysis and Enlightenment on the Differences of Subject Literacy in History Teaching Between Sino-U.S.A
WANG Demin