Issues in 2015
October 2015


October 2015

Exploration and Confirmation of Classroom Teaching Structural Model

The Thought of Dialogue and Its Enlightenment in The Enlightening Teaching
CHEN Shangda

The Generative Teaching as a Philosophy of Teaching: Implication and Reason
ZHANG Hongxi & CHENG Lianghong

Discussion on the Sensory Sociology in Classroom Teaching
YU Hongliang

The Problems and Solutions of the Integrated Practice Activity in High School:Based on the Conversation with 15 Specialists
WANG Mingshuai

The Introduction of Western Learning to the East and the Academic Consciousness of Education in China
ZHANG Jianguo

Epicureans soul treatmentCurriculum theory: Philosophical Foundation and Theoretical System
SHI Yabing & GE Xiaoyi

A Study on Status and Social Expectations of Preschool Education Cost-sharing
WEI Cong & WANG Hai ying

Research on the International Development Tendency of Mother Tongue Language Curriculum Standards
DONG Beifei

Characteristics of Researches on Foreign Language Teaching Abroad(2005-2014)
GUO Baoxian & GUO Jinchi

Comparative Analysis of the Logical Structure of the Difference in Geographical Teaching Materials between China and BritainBased on the Analysis of British "Learning to Teach Geography in the Secondary School"
LIU Guixia & WANG Jianli

Scientific Inquiry which Highlights Explanation-Argumentation”: Connotations, Realistic Significances and Practical Strategies
DENG Yang & WANG Houxiong

On Planning and Implementing Primary School Out-of-Class Chinese Reading

ZHU Jieru