Issues in 2015
November 2015


November 2015

The University Change based on Innovation Driven: Motivation, Key Areas and Trends
WANG Zhiqiang,HUANG Zhaoxin & LI Fei

The Implications and Value of the Fusion of the School Education for the Children Living with the Rural Migrants: in the Horizon of Hermeneutics
ZHANG Guanglu

Bridging Theory and PracticeAn Analysis of the Professional Development Model for Excellent Teachers

Survival, Profession and Justice: The Comparative Research on the Teacher Organization of Finland and Canada
ZHANG Shuping & FAN Guorui

Establishment of Intercultural Competence Framework: Take the INCA Project as An Example

Investigating the Eighth Graders’ Core Mathematics Competency Level in China
XU Binyan,ZHU Yan,BAO Jiansheng & KONG Qiping

Ninth graders’ Differences in Out-of-School Experiences about Science and Technology
CHI Shaohui & WANG Zuhao

Traditional Transfiguration: The Problems of Shape and Structure of Low Grade Mother Language Textbooks
GU Xin & SHEN Zhangming

The Reconstruction and Development of Teachers’ Profession from the Perspective of Educational Neuroscience

GAO Zhenyu

Universalities and Cultural Differences in Cross-cultural Emotions
AI Hui, ZHOU Hui & HUANG Yuxia

Relationships between Sleep and Learning and Their Implications for Education
LIU Zhiyuan,LI Jili & WANG Yapeng

The Suggestion of the Neuroscience Studies on Second Language Learning Success Prediction to Second Language Education and Pedagogics
CHEN Juyong