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ICI Has Established Ph.D. Students’ Collective Academic Visit System


From May 14th to 19th, under Prof. Cui Yunhuo, 12 Ph.D. students of ICI ECNU went to the Teacher Education Research Center of Beijing Normal University to conduct a week-long short-term academic visit, which marked the formal implementation of doctoral students’ collective academic visit system. Professor Liu Lianghua, Associate Professor Zhou Wenye, and Associate Professor Xiao Sihan also accompanied doctoral students and gave them guidance.

Training the next generation of outstanding curriculum scholars is the primary responsibility of the institute. In order to broaden the academic horizons of doctoral students, ICI has carried out bold reforms in the doctoral training system. One of these initiatives is to implement a Ph.D. student collective visit system. After more than a year of brewing, discussion, and communication, the curriculum and teachers have decided to establish a strategic cooperative relationship with the Teacher Education Research Center of Beijing Normal University. According to the cooperation program, in 2019, the doctoral students of the Teacher Education Research Center of Beijing Normal University will come to ICI to conduct a collective visit.

On May 14th, the launching ceremony was held at Yingdong Building, Beijing Normal University. Prof. Cui Yunhuo and Prof. Liu Lianghua of ICI, Prof. Zhu Xudong, Director of the Teacher Education Research Center of Beijing Normal University, Prof. Li Qiong, Director of the Institute of Teacher Education, Deputy Director Song Huan, Associate Professor Hu Yan, Prof. Zhou Jun, Associate Professor Zhang Huajun, and Dr. Ye Juyan attended the ceremony and the doctoral students of both sides met for the first time.

Prof. Zhu Xudong extended warm welcomed to the teachers and students of ICI. In Professor Cui Yunhuo’s speech, he first expressed his gratitude to Professor Zhu Xudong and Teacher Education and Research Center, he emphasized that the two organizations should grasp this opportunity to exchange ideas.

During the discussion, the two sides conducted targeted discussions on the major issues of doctoral student training, team building, and academic doctoral studies. Professor Cui Yunhuo emphasized that doctoral training should focus on refinement, team cultivation, research should have the common direction of the team, and also have private reserve of each individual. Prof. Liu Lianghua traced his research interest in historical perspectives and his long-term concern for the history of ideas. He suggested that doctoral students should develop research autonomy, learn the academic norms of empirical research, and strive to publish research results with high-quality which can represent the level of doctoral students in world-class universities. Finally, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on issues such as the publication of papers and the plan for the academic visit.

During Associate Professor Zhou Wenye’s speech, she encouraged doctoral students to do research based on practice, talk about Chinese local discourse of curriculum and teacher. Prof. Li Qiong encouraged the doctoral students to take responsibility for social responsibility and discipline construction, strive to become the leader in the field of education in the future, study educational issues in China, and lead Chinese education theory become international.

What is the basic education and research like in Beijing?

On the morning of May 17th, under Associate Professor Xiao Sihan, the visiting delegation visited the Teacher Training School of Haidian District.

In the afternoon, the visiting delegation visited Beijing Eleven School Longxi Experimental High School. Although the preparations began in 2012, this young junior high school has already demonstrated its vigorous development. The doctors were impressed with the diversity of walking classes, professional teaching staff, and full respect for each student's freedom of cultivation.

On the morning of May 18th, the Sino-US doctoral student forum was held at the Yingdong Education Building of Beijing Normal University. The doctoral student visiting group of the course attended the forum with doctoral students from Beijing Normal University and Michigan State University. At the meeting, each doctoral student reported and communicated in English on his own research. students in the curriculum shared their thoughts with the participants around topics such as curriculum concepts and practices, teaching design and research, and education evaluation. Associate Professor Xiao Sihan, Prof. Zhou Jun of Beijing Normal University, Prof. Qin Xingyin, Dr. Julie Sinclair of Michigan State University, Dr. Stern Ryan, etc. acted as judges, commenting and guiding students' performances one by one. Doctoral students inspire each other in their exchanges, and their meticulous preparation and excellent performance have been well received by the judges.

In addition to participating in a variety of seminars and research activities, the study group’s visiting delegation also entered the Beijing Normal University’s classroom and participated in the “Teacher Oral History Study” by Professor Hu Yan, and the study of qualitative research methods by Associate Professor Song Huan. They had a positive interaction and exchange with the two teachers after class, and had better understanding of the issues from different angles.