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Professor Xu Binyan of ICI Was Invited to Attend a Number of Academic Activities Recently


Professor Xu Binyan has been committed to promoting the internationalization and professional development of mathematics education in China. She has served as an executive member of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) and has organized many important tasks such as the 14th International Mathematics Education Conference. Recently, Professor Xu Binyan was invited to attend a number of international academic activities, she made reports on the meeting and organized the preparations for the international conference, she played an important professional leading role in the international arena.

Professor Xu Binyan

1. Professor Xu Binyan was invited to make a report at EARCOME-8

At the invitation of EARCOME-8, Prof. Xu Binyan attended the meeting from May 8th to 11th and gave a report entitled “Flexibilities in mathematics education: challenges and possibilities”. In the report, she discussed the significance of mathematic education focus on flexibility. Combined with the cases carried out in practice, the paper analyzed the flexible performance of Chinese students in the literacy of mathematics problems, and the influence that the teaching implementation of mathematics project activities impact on classroom teaching. The data from practical reforms inspired the in-depth discussions of international scholars attending the conference. Under the different cultural background, the scholars shared important issues such as the orientation and direction of mathematics curriculum reform in different cultures.

2. Participated in the second working conference as an executive member of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI)

Professor Xu Binyan, currently a member of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI), attended the second executive committee meeting in Taipei, China from May 11th to 13th to discuss the various issues of international mathematics education development in the past year, and select and decide on key events. Topics discussed include the international comparative study of mathematics education, the construction of a global library of mathematics teacher education and training resources, cooperation with international mathematics alliances, UNESCO and other international institutions, the participation of the International Women's Mathematicians Forum, preparations for 2020 The progress of the 14th International Mathematics Education Conference. Professor Xu is also one of the chairmen of ICME 14. She made report and be responsible for the preparations for the conference.

3. Professor Xu Binyan went to Lyon, France to participate in the International Academic Forum

Professor Xu Binyan was invited by the French National Institute of Education of Lyon, France to participate in the "International Forum on Resource Research" from May 27th to June 2nd. She herself made report on the topic of “Teachers’ collective work inside and outside school as an essential spring of mathematics Teachers' documentation: Japanese and Chinese experiences”, also, she made another report with international scholars on the topic of “Mathematics Teachers as designers: an international perspective”. The reports made it easier for international scholars to understand the Chinese mathematics teachers' school-based collaborative teaching and research and interactive design teaching. The participants and practitioners deeply admire the Chinese mathematics teachers' cooperative teaching and research and resource building capabilities. They were curious about the orderly conversion of multiple identities of Chinese mathematic teachers.