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Looking Back on the Achievements and Forge Ahead: ICI held the Final Work Meeting


In order to comprehensively summarize the implementation of the key tasks in this semester, focus on the important work to be carried out. On the afternoon of July 5th, ICI held the second semester final working meeting. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Wu Gangping, who is the secretary of the Party branch, and all faculty and staff attended the meeting.

1.Students Cultivation

Associate Professor Zhou Wenye

Professor Hu Huimin, the dean of the department, pointed out that doctoral students' collective visits, as an important measure for the comprehensive reform of postgraduate education, will further open students’ horizons and gradually expand the scope of academic exchanges at home and abroad. She particularly emphasizesd that in daily guidance, the instructor should always pay attention to the psychological state of their students and help them to survive the anxiety period.

Professor Hu Huimin

2.Scientific Research

Professor Ke Zheng informed the research results of this semester. As a research team that serves basic education and seeks academic and practical innovations with Chinese characteristics, ICI continues to thrive in scientific research during this semester: 4 projects won the 2018 National Education Science “13th Five-Year” Project, the successful rate is 100%; 4 expert teams won the Shanghai Basic Education Teaching Achievement Award, among which the team of Professor Cui Yunhuo won the only special award in the basic education field of East China Normal University; the number of CSSCI papers and SSCI papers in the first half of the year was significantly higher than that of last year.

Professor Ke Zheng

Then, Prof. Ke focused on the “AERA Plan” of ICI, and assigned the tasks to the deployment. In addition, he made a request for scientific research in the second half of the year, hoping to make up for the insufficiency of the uneven distribution of results on the basis of maintaining a good momentum.

3.Talent Introduce and International Exchange and Cooperation

Internationalization is the distinctive feature and core strategy of ICI. Professor Chen Shuangye, the deputy director, first reported the situation of talent introduction in the first half of the year, and then summarized the international exchange work, including the visit of internationally renowned scholars, the Daxia forum, and the progress of the Springer book series. This semester, Professor Deanna Kuhn, a world-renowned developmental psychology expert, and curriculum and teaching expert, visited ICI and was hired as an honorary professor, which has bring the internationalization process of ICI to a new level.

Professor Chen Shuangye

In response to the preparations for the 16th Shanghai International Curriculum Forum and the recruitment of papers of the 6th World Curriculum Research Conference, Professor Chen Shuangye discussed the details of the topics involved and discussed with the teachers present. In addition, Prof. Chen also introduced the international exchange and cooperation plan in the second half of the year about the project promotion, textbook research and other aspects of the international classroom analysis laboratory.

4. Journal Construction

As the editorial director of the CSSCI source journal “Global Education” sponsored by ICI, Associate Professor An Guiqing summarized the work of the editorial department in the first half of the year and informed some important resolutions of the editorial board. The editorial department has some new practices on the column setting and review system, such as the addition series of columns commemorating the 40 years of reform and opening up, strengthening the combination of magazines and academic research, and advocating new ideas through the magazine's intentions. The educational research method has achieved outstanding results, especially the recent qualitative research column has won a good response. In addition, she also introduced new ideas for the development of the publication, and hopes to further expand the international perspective of the publication and improve the overall quality of the publication through cooperation with other research units and academic journals.

Associate Professor An Guiqing

5.Party Building and Labor Union Work

Concentrate on strengthen and build the party. Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch and Director of the Office, Fu Lili summarized the work of the party branch and labor unions this semester. On the one hand, she reported the development of key work in the first half of the year. In the first half of the year, the party branch of the curriculum organized several special organizations to visited the former residence of Chen Yun, the red base, and did a good job of retiring teachers' condolences; on the other hand, she reported on the work plan of the next semester, which including theoretical study, team building, talent introduction and training. Professor Wu Gangping, secretary of the Party branch, added and emphasized the relevant content.

Professor Wu Gangping

6. Summary and Outlook

Finally, Professor Cui Yunhuo and Professor Hu Huimin conducted work summary and deployment. This meeting has thoroughly discussed all aspects of the development of ICI. It is not only a concentrated summary of the work of scientific research, personnel training, and international exchanges in this semester, but also a reasonable plan for the development of ICI.

Professor Cui Yunhuo