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Looking Back at the Four Seasons: What Did ICI Achieve in 2018?


The First Season

Prof. Cui Yunhuo shared the experience of Chinese curriculum reform with Lee Shulman, and discussed about the cooperation of Springer book seires.

“Serving National Decisions, Contribute Professional Wisdom”

Prof. Cui Yunhuo, Ren Youqun, Yang Xiangdong, Wang Zuhao and other professors participated in the revision of the new round of general high school curriculum and curriculum standards of the Ministry of Education, received a “thank you letter” from the Textbook Bureau of the Ministry of Education.

Prof. Cui Yunhuo and Prof. Yang Xiangdong were invited to give special lectures on “Disciplinary Key Competences and Teaching Reform” and “Reform on Learing Quality Standards and Evaluation Examination”.

Prof. Cui Yunhuo and Prof. Yang Xiangdong were hired as a member of the Expert Committee of the National Textbook Committee.

The Second Season

Prof. Cui Yunhuo and other professors won 2017 Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award, a Special Award for Basic Education.

The innovation of the project management process was highly recognized by the leaders of the Department of Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education.

ICI first initiated doctoral student collective visiting system, which played a leading role in the reform of student training mechanism.

The Third Season

ICI received the first batch of “Li De Shu Ren Teaching Group”( a teaching group foster students’ characters with morality) from East China Normal University.

ICI won the bid in 2018 National Education Planning Project 100%

ICI collected the school timetable nationally, WeChat tweet hits more than 200,000

The Fourth Season

Professor Cui Yunhuo and other professors won

National Teaching Achievement Award for Basic Education in 2018

(The First prize)

5 research results of ICI won

Shanghai 14th Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award

ICI Published 18 SSCI journal articles totally in 2018

ICI was selected as "CTTI 2018 Top 100 Think Tanks in Colleges and Universities"

Ranked 5th in the PAI assessment in the think tank of culture and education

Dr. Zhang Wei, a core member of Professor Mark Bray's team joined the research group of ICI and made an academic report.

Dr. Lei Hao was promoted to associate researcher and gave an academic report.

The delegation of ICI reported on the database project research results at the 6th World Curriculum Research Conference

The 16th Shanghai International Curriculum Forum was successfully held