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The Swift Programming Project of ICI Supported by the Ministry of Education Was Officially Launched, Teachers from 38 Schools Have Taken Action


  • How to promote programming learning of teachers and students?

  • How to improve students' comprehensive ability of using computer to solve problems and their interdisciplinary design ability?

  • How to cultivate students' key competence of computational thinking?

  • How to help students build their future confidently, calmly and creatively?

Face the future

We need more than just programming skills

But computational thinking

On May 14, the "Swift Programming School Project Launch Ceremony and the First Activity of the Project Team", chaired by Dr. Yang Xiaozhe of ICI, ECNU, was successfully held. Present at the event were Mr. Zhang Minsheng, member of the State Education Advisory Committee, Professor Cui Yunhuo, director of ICI, ECNU, associate professor Wang Tao and Lei Hao, and Ms. Huang Qinghong, development manager of Apple China Education. What’s more, principals and teachers from 38 schools in China also attended the ceremony. The launching ceremony was presided over by Dr Yang Xiaozhe. Professor Cui Yunhuo delivered a welcome speech.

"If the dialogue between human beings needs language, the dialogue between human beings and nature needs tools, then what does the dialogue between human beings and machines need? Programming is the answer, and programming is the language of man-machine dialogue. " Professor Cui yunhuo said so.

Professor Cui Yunhuo

Director of Institute of Curriculum and Instruction (ICI)

At the beginning of the Swift programming project, it has gained the attention of many K-12 school administrators and subject teachers in China. Through the first round of project collection, the number of registered schools reached 89, far exceeding the previous planning of 15 to 20. Finally, according to the actual situation, the project team screened and invited 38 schools to participate in the current round of production, learning and research projects to explore the development and practice of Swift programming curriculum in the stage of basic education in China.

Then, Ms. Huang Qinghong, development manager of Apple China Education, shared "Curriculum Resources, Curriculum Certification and Project guidance for Primary and Middle School Students Across China". She also emphasized that programming education plays a great role in promoting the cultivation of students' creativity and teamwork skills.

△ Huang Qinghong
Development Manager of Apple China Education

Wang Yan, principal of Changzhou Experimental Junior Middle School, a member of the project team, said: "Over the years, our school has been ploughing deeply in programming education to help students gradually tap their new potential. On the road of practice, we also need to benefit more students and give them a choice so that they can better embrace the future".

△Wang Yan
Principal of Changzhou Experimental Junior Middle School

Then, Yang Yanyan, a member of the project team from Shanghai Jiangwan Junior Middle School, also shared: "I was deeply touched by the excitement and joy of the students in programming classes. I started thinking about how to change the world by programming to make students really understand the world, and then change the world".

△Yang Yanyan
Teacher of Jiangwan Junior Middle School in Shanghai

Zhang Minsheng, a member of the State Education Advisory Committee, made report on "New era, New Mission, Information Technology Promotes Educational Reform".
Mr. Zhang shared that at present, technological progress has greatly changed the picture of human life, and the knowledge-based society is becoming highly computerized, and the expansion and maturity of the computerized knowledge economy has brought new opportunities and challenges. By 2030, the current junior high school students just graduated into society, at that time, what kind of skills and literacy are most needed? This may be why countries around the world have recently released 2030 education reports in a row. Today, our Swift programming project will stand in this field of vision and height, shoulder this responsibility and challenge.

△Zhang Minsheng
A Member of the State Education Advisory Committee

Finally, the project leader, Dr. Yang Xiaozhe, expressed his gratitude to the teachers for their voluntary participation in the project. The problem we face today is no longer the problem of "digital natives" and "digital migration", but the problem of "digital creation" and "digital machinery". In the digital age, can we really integrate into the innovation of the world and achieve self-creation?

△Dr Yang Xiaozhe
Associate researcher of ICI, ECNU

After the launching ceremony, the project held its first training activity, and teachers from 38 schools had a heated discussion and exchange around the "Research on the Development of Teachers' Computational Thinking Ability" and embarked on a new journey together.

Teachers from Schools Discuss and Exchange Ideas on the Spot