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The International Centre for Out-of-school Education Research Was Formally Established


Tell the World a Good Story About China

1. This is the first institution in the world to focus on international out-of-school education research!

2. It is a milestone event in the development history of ICI!

3. It is also one of the symbols of ICI to "tell the world a good story about China"!

In recent years, although out-of-school education has caused a lot of controversy, it has rapidly become a hot issue of international education. As the only key research base of humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education in the field of curriculum and instruction, ICI has accumulated rich research experience and research results in the curriculum and instruction of school education. Out-of-school education is a parallel system with school education, the research on out-of-school education curriculum and teaching is also the mission of ICI. With the strong support of departments of ECNU, ICI has formally established the International Center for out-of-School Education Research, which will focus on the strategic layout of new areas of out-of-school education research from the perspective of curriculum and instruction. With rigorous and outstanding academic standards and international strategic vision to promote in-depth research on all kinds of courses and teaching new issues under the new situation.

On the morning of 29 May, the inauguration ceremony and academic lecture of the International Centre for Out-of-school Education and Research of ICI was held. Cui Yunhuo, An Guiqing, Chen Shuangye, Wu Gangping, Liu Lianghua, Wang Tao, Wang Zhe, Huang Xiaorui and other teachers and graduate students were present. The event was presided over by Associate Professor Wang Tao, assistant director of the Institute.

Professor Mark Bray and Professor Cui Yunhuo

Introduction of the Center

The International Research Center for out-of-School Education is committed to inheriting and carrying forward the research advantages in the field of out-of-school education and leading the theoretical and empirical research of international out-of-school education, it also committed to promoting the standardized management and sustainable development of extracurricular education in all countries in the world, including China. The construction and development of the center is mainly based on Professor Mark Bray, the founder of international out-of-school education research, and his team, which enjoys the highest reputation and influence in the field of out-of-school education.

Professor Bray, Professor Zhang Wei and Associate researcher Liu Junyan

The team has been studying out-of-school education for two decades and is starting a new decade:

1. In the first decade, Professor Bray devoted himself to depicting the development trend, causes and influence of out-of-school education all over the world, and defining and constructing the basic concepts and theories.

2. The second decade focuses on exploring the relationship between out-of-school education, school education and family education from the framework of the whole educational ecology, and focuses on the construction of policy theory for the development of out-of-school education norms.

3. In the new decade, the “International Center for out-of-School Education Research” of ICI will become a new platform to achieve breakthroughs in the theoretical research, policy advice and practical impact of out-of-school education.

Core members of the Centre

1. Professor Mark Bray: The founder of out-of-school education research

Professor Bray is an outstanding professor of comparative education at East China Normal University and a professor of comparative education at the University of Hong Kong. He is a leading figure in the field of international comparative education. He has served as Director of the International Institute for Educational Planning of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, President of the North American Society for Comparative and International Education, President of the World Federation of Comparative Education Associations, and the first President of the School of Education of the University of Hong Kong. He has also been employed by a number of large international organizations, such as the World Bank, and has long worked as an educational consultant and policy planning consultant around the world, and has had a far-reaching international impact in the fields of comparative education, educational policy and educational finance. Professor Bray’s work, which has been translated into 30 languages, is a classic textbook for many world-class universities.

Professor Bray initiated the research field of out-of-school education (also known as “shadow education”) in the 1990s, and has been devoted to the international comparative study of shadow education for more than 20 years. It leads the development of theoretical and empirical research on international shadow education, and promotes the policy-making of countries and international organizations in the field of standardizing out-of-school education.

2. Dr. Zhang Wei: The Forerunner of Out-of-school Education Research

Dr. Zhang Wei has been engaged in out-of-school education research for ten years, attaching equal importance to both empirical and theoretical research, and is good at mixed research methods. Dr. Zhang Wei is a pioneer in the field of out-of-school education research. In addition to Professor Bray, the founder of this field, Dr. Zhang Wei is one of the international scholars who have focused on shadow education for the longest time and have made the greatest theoretical and empirical contributions. In the past ten years, the research footprint has spread all over more than 20 countries and regions, which has promoted the theoretical development of the international comparative study of out-of-school education through high-quality international presentations and academic speeches.

3. Dr. Liu Junyan: The Backbone of Out-of-school Education Research

Dr. Liu Junyan has long paid attention to and studied out-of-school education, has an international research vision and research experience, research areas related to Cambodia, Myanmar, China, etc., she also has solid research skills, using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. The research direction involves the demand influencing factors of out-of-school education, the effect and influence of out-of-school education, the governance of out-of-school educational institutions, etc., focusing on the parental perspective of out-of-school education, starting from the theories of economics, sociology, pedagogy and so on. Exploring the role, function, role and changes of parents in out-of-school education, and promote the development of theoretical and empirical research in this field through high-quality international presentations and academic conference speeches.

On-site Interactive Communication

In this global journey and time-space trip of out-of-school education, the three experts made a systematic analysis of the global situation and institutional space of out-of-school education in terms of breadth around "Global Patterns, Local Contexts: Launching the Third Decade of Supplementary Tutoring Research". At the same time, it also studies and shares the development history and institutional changes of out-of-school education in depth.

Memorial Plate for the Establishment of the Center