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ICI Held an Entry Ceremony for Dr. Liu Junyan and an Academic Lecture Was Delivered


The Entry Ceremony

On the morning of June 28, the induction ceremony and academic lecture of Dr. Liu Junyan was held. Prof. Cui Yunhuo, Wu Gangping, Gao Desheng, Liu Lianghua, Zhang Wei, Zhou Wenye, Associate professor Wang Xiaoming, Wang Zhe, Lei Hao, Wang Tao, Huang Xiaorui and other teachers attended the ceremony. A total of more than 50 graduate students from the relevant departments of the Ministry of Education participated in the event. The seminar was presided over by Associate Professor Wang Tao.

On behalf of all his colleagues, Professor Cui Yunhuo, Director of ICI, extended a warm welcome to Dr Liu Junyan and presented her with a souvenir plate for her entry report.

The Academic Report

Dr. Liu Junyan

In the report, Dr. Liu Junyan introduced her research experience and research plan to the teachers and students present, and made an academic report on the theme of "Parental Roles, Responsibilities, and Education Choices in a Marketised Educational Environment". With the help of paternalism and consumer choice theory, this paper expounds in detail the motivation, reasons and process of parents choosing out-of-school education as consumers under the background of educational marketization. Through parents' choice of out-of-school education, this paper deeply discusses the group differences of parents with different social and economic status for their role orientation and responsibility construction in the development of children's education. Dr. Liu Junyan's report aroused strong interest of the teachers and students present, and they had in-depth and enthusiastic exchanges and discussions.

Interactive Communication

Dr. Liu Junyan received a bachelor's degree and master's degree in Peking University, and then received her Ph.D. from the University of Hong Kong. Dr. Liu Junyan is now a full-time associate researcher at ICI of East China Normal University and previously worked at the Beijing Institute of Educational Sciences. Her research mainly focus on out-of-school education, educational planning monitoring, academic quality monitoring, international curriculum and so on.

Some of Her Academic Achievements

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