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On Teacher’s Day, Professor Cui Yunhuo Was Received by General Secretary Xi Jinping in the Great Hall of the People


On September 10, the celebration of Teacher's Day and the commendation meeting of advanced collectives and individuals of the national education system was solemnly held in Beijing. Professor Cui Yunhuo of East China Normal University was invited to attend and was received and commended by the General Secretary Xi Jinping, cordially met with the commended representatives at the Great Hall of the people and extended warm congratulations to the commended advanced collectives and individuals.

Professor Cui Yunhuo
Director of Institute of Curriculum and Instruction (ICI), East China Normal University

Professor Cui Yunhuo, director of ICI, was invited to attend as a representative who won the first prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award. He was gloriously received and solemnly commended by President Xi Jinping and other party and state leaders in the Great Hall of the people. The commendation was reported by many important media in China, such as CCTV News.

Led by Professor Cui Yunhuo and jointly completed by professor Hu Huimin, Zhou Wenye, Wu Gangping, Ke Zheng and Lei Hao, the project "Construction and Practice of School Curriculum Development Model Under the Background of National Curriculum Reform" won the first prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award for basic education in 2018, which is the highest award of national teaching achievement once every four years, representing the highest level of national education and teaching achievements.

Professor Cui has deeply participated in the top-level design of the national basic education curriculum reform, high school curriculum reform, and teacher education curriculum reform over the years, and has taken root in education and teaching practice. The achievement is served as a summary and refinement of the results of providing professional support and guidance for the promotion of reform. Focusing on important issues such as teaching research and practice based on curriculum standards, school curriculum planning and development, Professor Cui Yunhuo’s group has adhered to the professional belief of "For Curriculum, For Students, For the Future" for many years. ICI will continue to lead the reform and practice of curriculum and instruction in China.