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Huaxia Crriculum Forum: Dr. Lu Yi from Fudan University Shared Her Ideas About Advanced Learning in Middle Schools


On the afternoon of December 20, Dr. Lu Yi, an associate researcher at the Institute of Higher Education of Fudan University, visited ICI, and gave a report entitled “Advanced Learning in Middle Schools and the Growth of Top Students in Universities”. The forum was chaired by Professor Ke Zheng, Deputy Director of the Faculty of Education of ECNU. Dr. Zhang Wei, Dr. Liu Junyan, Associate Professor Zhang Huijie attended the forum, the forum also attracted many scholars and students from ICI and other units.

At the beginning of the report, Dr. Lu introduced the influencing factors of the cultivation of top-notch innovative talents from three levels. Dr. Lu pointed out that the qualitative changes in the social environment make the learning motivation of gifted students become a decisive issue.

Then, in connection with the famous “Qian Xuesen's question”, she pointed out that there is a deep interaction between the selection competition system and socio-economic factors and the education of top-notch innovative talents from the meso-and macro-level respectively.

Dr. Lu Yi

Associate Researcher, Institute of Higher Education, Fudan University

On this basis, Dr. Lu introduced “advanced learning in middle school” with the characteristics of “high challenge and extraordinary”, and discussed its impact on university performance. Dr. Lu introduced three kinds of advanced learning opportunities in China and shared the research results of the effects of three types of advanced learning experiences on students’ college learning growth: achievement, academic interest, learning motivation, self-confidence and innovation. She pointed out that all three advanced learning experiences can have a positive impact on students’ self-confidence and innovation. At the same time, she also criticized the adverse effects of participating in subject competitions for utilitarian purposes on students’ academic interest and learning motivation at the university stage.

Then, Dr. Lu shared the impact of family background on the research results, she stressed that top-notch innovative talents seem to be an educational problem, but in fact they are also closely related to non-educational factors such as social class differentiation and economic conditions.

In view of the above introduction and analysis, Dr. Lu gave corresponding policy suggestions, including taking the fairness of opportunities and the efficiency of material selection into account, designing university material selection policies and optimizing the training process to expand the group of interested competitors, etc.

At the end of the report, Dr. Lu made a brief summary and pointed out that advanced learning opportunities in China are still not common and abundant, thus, discipline competition is still the most mature, reliable and fair means of material selection in the short term. In this process, Dr. Lu had an in-depth discussion with the teachers and students at present.

Professor Ke Zheng

Deputy Director of the Faculty of Education, East China Normal University

Institute of Curriculum and Instruction, East China Normal University

Professor Ke Zheng believed that the problem of advanced learning is a crucial problem encountered in Chinese education at present. We need to consider how to make full use of the advantages of the human resources in China, and train top-notch innovative talents based on our own cultural traditions in the new era.