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Name:Ke Zheng

Current Post: Associate Professor & Associate Director

Institute of Curriculum and Instruction

East China Normal University, China

Address: Institute of Curriculum and Instruction

East China Normal University, China

Shanghai, P.R.China, 200062

Contacts: (86) 21-62233405 (O)

zke@kcx.ecnu.edu.cn (Email.)

II. Education and Experience


Ph.D (Education Policy), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2008

Master of Arts (Curriculum & Instruction), East China Normal University, 2005

Bachelor of Arts (Education Psychology), Zhejiang Normal University, 2002

Professional Experience

Associate Professor

Institute of Curriculum and Instruction

East China Normal University, China (January, 2013 - present).

Assistant Professor

Institute of Curriculum and Instruction

East China Normal University, China (September, 2008 – December, 2012).

III. Publications

Main Research Areas

· Educational Policy Studies

· Institutional and Organizational Studies in Education

· Curriculum and Instruction

· Sociology of Education

· Research Methods in Education

Refereed Publication in English

Chen, S.Y. & Ke, Z.(corresponding) (2014). Why the leadership of change is especially difficult for Chinese principals: A macro-institutional explanation. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 27(3), 486-498.

Yang, X.D. Ke, Z. Zhan,Y. & Ren, YQ. (2013). The Effect of Choosing Key Versus Ordinary Schools

on Students Mathematical Achievement in China.Asia-Pacific Education Researcher,September.

Ke, Z. & Chen, S.Y. (2013). Is there the key school advantage independent of quality of students and teachers? : Empirical study of school operation, instructional leadership and sector effects in China. Accepted paper to be presented at the 2013 annual meeting of AERA, San Francisco.

Ke, Z (2012).The influence of normative institutions on the new curriculum policy implementation and its policy implications. Information, Technology and Education Change, 3(1).

Yang, X.D. Ke, Z. & Wang, T. (2012). The effect of school choice on student’s Mathematical achievement in China. Paper presented at the 2012 annual meeting of AERA, Vancouver, CA.

Refereed Journal Article in Chinese

On Institutional and Organizational Studies in Education

Ke, Z. (2011). How does the teachers’ cultural cognition influence the curriculum policy implementing. Global Education. 3:39-48.

Ke, Z. (2007). The explanation of the difficulties of school change from the new institutionalism perspective. Peking University Education Review, 5(1): 42-54.

On Educational Policy

Ke, Z. (2014). How to abolish science-humanity division?: the suggestions based on the pros and cons of alternative policis. Global Education. 2: 30-40.

Ke, Z. (2010). Analysis of the complexity of test and evaluation system reform in China. Global Education. 2: 25-30.

Lo, L. & Ke, Z. (2007). Classification, characteristics, and inspiration of educational policy studies. Comparative Education Review. 2: 27-31.

On Sociology of Education

Ke, Z. (2012). Education and students’ upward social mobility needs. Research in Educational Development. 6: 23-27.

On Curriculum and Instruction

Ke, Z., Chens S.Y. & Ren, Y.Q. (2013). Comparison of principals' leadership behaviors in the key and the ordinary schools. Peking University Education Review. 11: 108-127.

Ke, Z. (2011). The native conception of teacher professional development. Research in educational Development. 18: 48-56.

Ke Zheng (2011). On the theoretical bases of school-based teacher professional development. Global Education. 9:37-43.

Ke, Z. (2009). An analysis of educational supervision in curriculum reform. Research in educational Development, 10: 43-48

On Research Methods

Ke, Z. (2012). On two methodological issues in rural education research field. Global Education. 4: 73-78.

Monograph in Chinese

Ke, Z. (2011). Neo-institutional Analysis of Curriculum Policy Implementation. Beijing: Education Science Press. (in Chinese)

IV. Research and Grants

1. Executive Investigator (2012 - 2014), Research on the monitoring and announcement system of students’ academic burden. Supported by Ministry of Education, P.R. China.

2. Principal Investigator (2010 - present), Research on the influence of curriculum reform on the rural students’ academic achievement. Supported by Ministry of Education, P.R.China.

3. Principal Investigator (2009-2011), Research on the institutional barriers to implementation of curriculum policy. Supported by Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission.

V. Teaching

· Research Methods in Educational Research (Postgraduate Level)

· Sociology of Curriculum Policy (Postgraduate Level)